Areli Valencia

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Areli Valencia
Professeure, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru & Boursière post-doctorale Gordon Henderson 2013-2014

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Intérêts de recherche

  • Droits de la personne
  • Justice environnementale
  • Études légaux critiques
  • Développement international

Areli Valencia is the Gordon F. Henderson Post-doctoral Fellow 2013- 2014. Her research project focused on Human Rights and Extraction-based development in Ecuador. Areli has obtained her Ph.D. in Law and Society from the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Canada (May, 2012). She works at the intersection of human rights, environmental justice, critical legal studies and international development with an emphasis on the capability approach. Her research employs participatory and collaborative research methods to connect the knowledge and experiences of non-academic actors (e.g. activists, grassroots organizations, community leaders and policy-makers) with the academic community in Canada, Latin America and beyond. She is currently working on a book project entitled “Human Rights Trade-offs in Times of Economic Growth: Long-Term Capability Impacts of Extractive-led Development” (NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

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