Richard D. Lubben

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Richard D. Lubben
Chaire Fulbright sur les droits de la personne et la justice sociale 2013, Doyen des Arts, School of Arts & Sciences, Lane Community College

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Richard D. Lubben


Domaines d'expertises

  • Les arts et les droits de la personne

Richard Lubben came to Ottawa as the Fulbright Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice at HRREC in 2013. He is a visual artist and was Associate Professor at South Texas College (STC). At STC he has served as the Department Chairperson for Communications and Creative Arts, the President of the Council of Chairs, Faculty Senate Secretary and is a Board Member of the Texas Association of Schools of Art. His graduate work was at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where he earned a MFA in Painting and Drawing. Richard is the founder and coordinator of the Annual Human Rights Art Exhibition and is currently interested in the connections between art, human rights and social justice.

His research project titled “Online Global Learning Community Project: A Dialogue about Art, Human Rights and Social Justice” focusses on developing online learning communities to introduce higher education students to a multicultural discussion from a global perspective. The discussions uses art, social justice and human rights issues as a starting point for cross-discipline learning and collaborative course assignments in humanities courses. This online community introduces individuals and institutions from different parts of the world to a unique discussion promoting tolerance, cultural understanding and ultimately encouraging global citizenship.

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