30 AVRIL 2014 – Criminal-Military-Society Nexus

* En anglais avec période de question trilingue (français, anglais, espagnol)

Midi-causeries des droits de la personne en Amérique latine

Le mercredi 30 avril 2014
11 h 30 à 13 h
Fauteux 550
uOttawa, 57 Louis Pasteur

RSVP: HRREC@uottawa.ca


Joaquín Bardallo Bandera has been awarded the Gordon F. Henderson Scholarship at the master level for 2013-2014. Joaquín holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta in Political Science and Combined Languages as well as a Certificate in Globalization and Governance from the same university. He received a Full International Scholarship from the University of Ottawa to work on his current topic. Mr. Bardallo Bandera’s research focuses on the rule of law in Latin America. More specifically, his research deals with two specific cases Mexico and Uruguay and analyzes the causes for the rule of law’s strengths and weaknesses in each of these countries. Mr. Bardallo Bandera has also been involved in several projects regarding human rights issues including Amnesty International and PORVENIR. His research will be supervised by Professor André Lecours.


The essay analyzes the criminal, society and military nexus that has existed and has evolved since the War on Drugs started in 2006 until 2012 in Mexico. This essay looks at how the War on Drugs started, how it contributed to human rights violations, as well as, the secondary problems that have appeared after the War on Drugs ended.  As a result, there is the appearance of a criminal, society and military nexus. Deserters of the military join criminal organizations, where society is sometimes benefitted by the War on Drugs, at other times directly affected by it, especially with the presence of a parallel economic state. Finally, the essay analyzes the present and future problems that are permeating Mexican society and culture through the emergence of anarco popular culture.

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