27 MAI 2014 - Le Venezuela : vers une transition démocratique?

Venezuela: Transition to Democracy?

*English with trilingual question period

27 mai 2014
10:00 – 11:30
57 Louis Pasteur, Fauteux 550, uOttawa

RSVP: HRREC@uottawa.ca

Résumé :

The panelists will discuss the current socio-political crisis in Venezuela from different perspectives.  Ariel Segal will elaborate on the neo-authoritarian features of the current regime.  Alfredo Lascoutx Ruiz will discuss the militarism of the so-called "Bolivarian revolution", while Jorge Lazo-Cividanes will discuss the crisis of  hegemony: understanding the structure and dynamics of power in the Bolivarian Revolution.  Nelson Dordelly Rosales will talk about the constitutional aspects of the crisis, with particular emphasis on the human rights implications of the dismantling of the judiciary and parliamentarian institutions in Venezuela in the last 15 years.


Les procédures du panel sont disponibles en français et en anglais.

27th may

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