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Frequently Asked Questions


1.       What is the uOttawa HRREC Working Paper Series?

The HRREC Working Paper Series (WPS) is an initiative created by the HRREC to showcase research that addresses human rights issues that has been created by members and partners of the uOttawa Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC).

It can also include papers by scholars and practitioners invited to present their research at or by the HRREC either as (i) part of a lecture series, (ii) part of a special event, (iii) part of a course or educational programme, or (iv) linked to an initiative of the HRREC.

2.       Who will read my paper?

Everyone! Papers accepted for the WPS will be posted on the HRREC’s WPS section of its website; will be searchable in the University of Ottawa’s library’s Search+ catalogue and will be available through academic search engines.

3.       What are the benefits of submitting my paper to the Working Paper Series?

  • Timely publication
  • Exposure
  • Increased research profile within the HRREC community, and the broader human rights community
  • A welcome personal boost to your research efforts – it’s great to finally see your research in print!
  • Increased profile of the HRREC

4.       Will posting my paper as part of the HRREC WPS make it harder to publish it in a journal?

At the HRREC, we think that posting on a WPS can increase your chance of publishing your paper (perhaps in updated or revised version) in a journal and increases the likelihood that your research will be cited in other scholarly writing.

5.       Who has copyright to a paper posted on the WPS?

The author and any person to whom the author has agreed to give copyright.

6.       Do I have to check what rights I have given to the publisher of a journal or book in which my paper has appeared or will appear?

Yes. If you have given another party the exclusive right to publish your paper in electronic form, then you should contact the publisher to determine if you may grant a nonexclusive license to the HRREC WPS for the purpose of posting your paper in the HRREC WPS. You can check the Sherpa/Romeo database which contains the policies of all major publishers and many small ones

7.       Are there copyright concerns if my paper in the WPS is accepted for publication in a journal or book?

Many publishers recognise that posting your paper or book chapter on the HRREC WPS increases use of their journal, book, or electronic publication. Once your paper has been accepted for publication, please negotiate with your publisher to ensure that you retain sufficient rights to electronic publication so that posting on the HRREC WPS (or a pre-publication version or the final published version) is possible.

8.       Can I submit a paper to the HRREC WPS that has already been accepted for publication?

Yes. We welcome your research. However, we will give priority to new and recent research. Please be sure to check the publication agreement that you’ve sighed with the publisher of your paper or book chapter to ensure that posting on the HRREC WPS is compatible with the rights of the publisher.

9.       How do I submit a paper?

If you are a faculty or staff member at uOttawa, or a faculty or staff member who is a member of the HRREC please contact the Co-ordinator/Editor of the WPS at – with the subject line ‘Submission to HRREC WPS’. Please follow the format and author instructions detailed below.

It you are a community ‘partner’ of the HRREC and are submitting a paper for the WPS as a result of an initiative undertaken by the HRREC or by a professor at uOttawa, please contact the Co-ordinator /Editor  of the WPS at – with the subject line ‘Submission to HRREC WPS’. Please follow the format and author instructions detailed below and ALSO include details of the link person and link initiative with uOttawa.

If you are a student linked with the HRREC or a member of the HRREC, please contact the Co-ordinator/Editor of the WPS at – caroline.faucher@uottawa.cawith the subject line ‘Submission to HRREC WPS’. Please follow the format and author instructions detailed below AND please indicate that the paper has been read by two professors (please give their names).

10.   In what format should I submit my paper for the WPS?

Please send your paper in the following format:

  • MS Word document
  • Formatting instruments:

-  1.5 line spacing, Times Roman or Calibri font

-  First line of each new paragraph indented by .5 inch

-  Block quotes indented and single-spaced

-  References as footnotes

-  Citation following the McGill Guide or Blue Book

-  Include a bibliography

  • Provide an abstract of a maximum of 250 words
  • Provide a bio of maximum of 100 words
  • Include your direct contact details

The first page of the WP should have your name and contact details, paper title, abstract and keywords.

A SEPARATE page should include your name and contact details, paper title, link with the HRREC and (if a student) the names of the two professors that have read the paper.

Papers not following this format will be returned to you for further work.

11.   What are my responsibilities as the author?

It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of all citations, to provide proper references and to correct spelling, grammar and style. The editor of the WPS will NOT do any copy-editing of a paper, nor will they do any extensive formatting of your paper.

12.   Responsibilities of the Editor of the WPS?

  • Post your paper in the HRREC WPS website and send a notice on it to the HRREC community
  • Forward it to the library
  • Create a cover page for your paper
  • Do minor formatting changes to make it conform to the uniform WP series template (create title and contact details page)

13.   Support for researchers

If, prior to the completion of your paper, you would like to ‘workshop’ it at the HRREC, please contact the Co-ordinator who will help arrange a meeting time at which you can present your paper and receive feedback in a supportive environment. Notice of this event will be sent to the HRREC community and you are free to invite others.

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