Welcome to Ramon Blanco-Barrera!

Ramon Blanco-Barrera

HRREC is pleased to welcome again Ramon Blanco-Barrera for a few months! Ramon’s first introduction with the HRREC at the uOttawa was during the Symposium on the Arts and Human Rights hosted by the Centre in June 2015.

PhD Candidate and Professor in Training at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Seville (Spain), Ramon is a Visual Artist with the name ‘233’.

Ramon sends social and political messages in order to make people reflect about their communities, both local and universal, constantly bringing up human rights concepts and values. He uses the number ‘233’ in reference to the ‘identity game’ of our overpopulated world system. His artworks have been exhibited all over the world, highlighting his last solo shows in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and in Seville in January 2015.

To learn more about Ramon’s art work, please visit these links:

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