Welcome to Paul Finkelman!

Paul Finkelman - Fulbrigh Chair 2017

The Human Rights Research and Education Centre is pleased to welcome Professor Paul Finkelman, Fulbright Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice 2017!

Paul Finkelman is currently the John E. Murray Visiting Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He is a specialist in many fields, such as: American legal history, U. S. Constitutional law, the law of American slavery, the First Amendment, religious liberty, the history of the Second Amendment, African American history, the American Civil War, and legal issues surrounding American sports.

As the Fulbright Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice at the University of Ottawa, Professor Finkelman will work on a variety of projects. His first task will be to put the finishing touches on his forthcoming book, Supreme Injustice: Slavery in the Nation’s Highest Court, which will be published by Harvard University Press in 2018.

He will also be working on two other projects relating to slavery and human rights. First is a law review article titled: “The Eternal Problem of Slavery in International Law: Killing the Vampire of Human Culture” to be published in the Michigan State Law Review in 2018. At the same time Professor Finkelman will be writing his next book, a history of the Oberlin-Wellington Fugitive Slave Rescue and the subsequent prosecution of the rescuers.

Professor Finkelman will also give a number of talks and lectures in Canada and the United States while holding the Fulbright chair. In addition, he hopes to be as visiting lecturer in various classes at the University of Ottawa.

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