Welcome David Hughes, Alex Trebek Postdoctoral Fellow!

David Hughes - Postdoctora Fellow

We are pleased to welcome Postdoctoral Fellow David Hughes!

David Hughes has been recruited as part of the collaborative research project “Changing Orders: Shaping the Future and Securing Rights in a World in Transformation” (https://www.cips-cepi.ca/changing-orders-shaping-the-future-and-securing-rights-in-a-world-in-transformation/), funded by the Alex Trebek Forum for Dialogue and awarded to the Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC), the Refugee Hub, the Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP) and the Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS).

He will work (virtually for now!) under the supervision of HRREC Director, Professor John Packer, and Refugee Hub’s Managing Director, Professor Jennifer Bond, to study how to secure fundamental human rights in the face of challenges to the rules-based international order.

David holds a Ph.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School. From 2017-2019, David was a Grotius Research Scholar at the University of Michigan Law School where he wrote about various topics in international law. The resulting publications appear or are forthcoming in several legal journals including the Melbourne Journal of International Law, the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, and the British Yearbook of International Law. Prior to beginning his doctoral work, David earned an LL.M from University College London, an LL.B from the University of Leicester, and a BA from Queen’s University. After law school, David worked at the Council of Europe, in various roles for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and with a coalition of Israeli and Palestinian NGOs in East Jerusalem.



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