Tenille Brown receives a Youth Leader Award at the Canadian Open Data Summit 2015.

Tenille Brown received a "Youth Leader Award" at the Canadian Open Data Summit 2015, thanks to the support of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s RECODE initiative. The Canadian Open Data Summit was held as part of this year’s 3rd International Open Data Conference.

Tenille is also presenting at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences held at the University of Ottawa, from May 30th - June 5th. She is presenting her paper, "Law "ands" as a research and teaching tool: insights from an interdisciplinary research agenda" with Professor Elizabeth F. Judge, at the Canadian Association of Law Teachers conference.

Tenille is a PhD Candidate in the Human Rights Research and Education Centre and an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa. Her research is in the areas of legal geography, property law, and citizen engagement in the Ottawa context. Tenille can be reached atTenille.Brown@uottawa.ca or on twitter @TenilleEBrown.

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