Strengthening the Equality Council of Moldova as a Contribution to Long-Term Conflict Resolution

The purpose of this project is to support the resolution of interethnic conflict and prevent discrimination in the Republic of Moldova (Eastern Europe).

Project activities include research and advisory papers on human rights and discrimination issues under examination of the Moldovan Equality Council. Students will research legal instruments and experiences from the international body of «hard» and «soft» human rights law, as well as Canadian, European and other relevant experiences that could be applicable to the Moldovan context.

Students will research on contemporary human rights and discrimination issues, allowing students to: (a) develop their legal research skills; (b) understand better contemporary human rights issues; (c) transpose their knowledge into practical work and gain initial professional experience; (d) gain exposure to realities outside Canada and learn comparatively about a new country and legal setting; (e) develop an understanding about the relationship between grievances, conflict generation and resolution.

Project Partner: Equality Councill of Moldova, a quasi-judicial body resolving discrimination complaints and cases in the Republic of Moldova

Academic Supervisor: Professor John Packer, Director, Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC)

Project Coordinator: Slava (Veaceslav) Balan

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