The Simons Foundation and IALANA seeking endorsement of the Vancouver Declaration

The Vancouver Declaration: “Law’s Imperative for the Urgent Achievement of a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World” was developed with the input of the conference hosted by The Simons Foundation and co-convened by The Simons Foundation and the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA) in acknowledgement of the Simons Chairs in International Law and Human Security at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, on February 10 and 11, 2011. Endorsements are being solicited from a variety of individuals and organizations and we hope that you will agree to sign the Vancouver Declaration and also help with this effort by forwarding it to your colleagues and friends, encouraging them to show their support by adding their signature.

We are seeking signatures from persons in a position to be knowledgeable about international law and nuclear weapons, including lawyers, legal academics, and also former diplomats and officials. We hope you will share the Declaration with nuclear policy makers, as well.

To sign the Vancouver Declaration: “Law’s Imperative for the Urgent Achievement of a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World,” please contact Elaine Hynes at The Simons Foundation by email Please indicate whether you are signing 1) on behalf of an organization – supply personal name, title (where applicable) and name of organization; 2) on your own behalf with title and organization supplied for identification only (we will so indicate in the list of signatories by an asterisk); or 3) on your own behalf without any institutional affiliation.

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