Salvador Herencia Carrasco Participates in a New Book about Latin American Policies on Illicit Drugs and Drug Trafficking

Illicit Drug Trafficking - Book (2017)

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Göttingen University present the released of the new publication by the Latin American Study Group on International Criminal Law, titled  "Drogas Ilícitas y Narcotráfico: Nuevos Desarrollos en América Latina (Illicit Drugs and Drug Trafficking: New Developments from Latin America)". 

Latin American drug trafficking policies have focused on the application of criminal measures but there is a slow yet uneven shift towards preventive measures. Of special interest could be the case studies on Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay, which became the first country to regulate the public commercialization of cannabis. 

Salvador, Director of the HRREC’s Human Rights Clinic, wrote a chapter on regional strategies, focusing on the possible role that the Organization of American States might have in shaping a regional policy on illicit drugs. 

The book, available in Spanish, can be downloaded here (PDF).

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