Right to water: The HRREC joined the RAMPEDRE project

The HRREC joined the RAMPEDRE project (Rapport Mondial Permanent online sur le Droit à l’Eau), an IERPE initiative (Institut Européen de Recherche sur les Politiques de l’Eau), which received UNESCO endorsement.

The RAMPEDRE project seeks to establish a permanent mechanism for the monitoring, information, awareness and mobilization on the human right to water internationally. This project will take the form of a website allowing the contribution of various partners to the collection, organization and dissemination of gathered information related to the human right to water. Other partners include Cochabamba University (Bolivia), Unisynos University (Brazil), Rosario University (Argentina), Koudougou University (Burkina Faso), Rabat University (Morocco), the Center for Environmental Studies (India), the Institut für Menschenrechten (Germany), the Comité italien pour le Contrat Mondial de l’Eau and Naples University (Italia).

The HRREC becomes the official RAMPEDRE focal point in North America, and its role will be to monitor the evolution of the human right to water in this region. Professor Sylvie Paquerot, from the School of political studies of the University of Ottawa, will oversee the project as a member of the HRREC. The HRREC will also attend the first workshop to be held in Paris on February 6th & 7th2012 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

For more information, please contact Gabriel Blouin Genest.

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