The research activities from the Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC) include the research programs of its members as well as projects resulting from partnerships in which the Centre contributes to the production of research findings and their dissemination.

Current Research Areas

The mandate of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC) presumes an acceptance of the need to approach issues regarding human rights from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective, both in order to respect such rights and to explore that which they require in a complex, interconnected world. To this end, the Centre places a particular emphasis on public policy and social justice.

Our Areas of Attention/Focus

Diversity, Identity, Inclusion & Approaches to Equality:

  • Indigenous/Aboriginal Rights; Women’s Rights; Gender Relations; History of Diversity; Arts & Human Rights; Migration; Language; Sexual Identity; the Individual, Families & Societies; Children’s Rights; Feminist & Gender Studies; Critical Race & Anti-Oppression Studies; Disability Rights.

Conflict, Violence, (In)Security & War:

  • Conflict; Transitional Justice; Human Rights & International Protection; Security Policies; Refugees; Approaches to & Remedies for Violence; Crime and Justice.

Governance, Rights & Rule of Law:

  • International Governance; Governance Actors e.g. Governments, IGOs, NGOs, etc.; Approaches to Rights & Governance; Constitutionalism; Philosophy & Theories in Justice, Ethics & Human Rights; Law & Governance; Independance of Judges and Lawyers.


  • Globalization & the Governance of Development; Economics, Finance & Development; Labour & Welfare Issues; Environment; the Global Commons/Public Goods & Climate Change; Role of Corporations; Technology & Society (Cyberbullying, Online Hate & Harassment, Online Privacy & Equality).

Notable Research Projects, Areas of Work and Partnerships

ADÀJ - Accès au Droit et à la Justice

Autonomy through Cyberjustice Technologies

Boko Haram, Islamic Protest, and National Security

Gender, Migration & the Work of Care

Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on the Rights of the Child (IRLRC)

Population Health Research Network

Strenghten Justice for Victims of International Crimes

The Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society

The eQuality Project

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