Ready for their mission to The Hague!

In a few days, from November 20th to 28th 2013, four students from the Clinique de droit international pénal et humanitaire de la Faculté de droit de l’Université Laval and three students from the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa will travel to the Hague, Netherlands, to attend the 12th Meeting of State Parties at the International Criminal Court.

This immersion into the political avenue of the ICC will allow students to attend live discussions of state representatives and of civil society, to interact with colleagues and professionals with an interest in international criminal law and to visit numerous international criminal institutions that have headquarters in this city.

Students must conduct research prior to their departure in order to understand the topics, identify key issues and determine positions that Canada and other influential countries will adopt. Far from being passive, their role is also to inform the public about developments, exchanges and decisions taking place. In the upcoming days, they will publish blog posts before, during and after their experience at The Hague.

This mission is one of the educational components of the International Criminal Court Legal Tools Project: A Canadian Partnership which include the Université Laval, University of Ottawa , the Canadian Centre for International Justice and the International Center for International Law Research and Policy.

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