Putting an End to Violence and Intimidation Against Women

Tunis Novembre 3, 2011

Following the incidents that took place in educational institutions in our country, involving acts of violence and violation of individual freedoms in some schools, institutes and faculties, and where some people have tried to impose sectarian outfits to unveiled students and professors in cases of violence and intimidation.

The “ Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates” expresses its refusal and condemnation of these practices contrary to the principles of freedom of dress, opinion and belief, and warns against such practices targeting women in an attempt to intimidate against their clothing choices and opinions. ATFD draws attention against these practices for the establishment of a system of tyranny in our country that would undermine women’s gains and undermine civil liberties.

While proclaiming our commitment to the slogans of the Revolution in Tunisia of freedom and dignity, equality and justice and rejection of tyranny, discrimination and marginalization, we express our unconditional solidarity with all victims, students and academics. We also believe that these new social and extremist views are new attempts to undermine current achievements.

We also call on all forces to oppose to these practices, and we express once again our engagement to defend our gains and continue the struggle against violence and all forms of discrimination against women. We call on all sectors of civil society to raise awareness for vigilance, commitment to the defence of educational institutions, to their protection against the disorder and require all parties to abide by the rules of civil and civilized behaviour.

For l’A.T.F.D.


Ahlem Belhadj

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