Canadian Yearbook of Human Rights

The Canadian Yearbook of Human Rights (CYHR) – published by the University of Ottawa's Human Rights Research and Education Centre – is the authoritative, bilingual (English and French) reference work on the intersection of human rights and Canada. Combining a yearly review of key developments in human rights in Canada, global human rights developments relevant to Canada, and Canada's contribution to international human rights discourse with high quality, refereed articles the CYHR stands as a reference tool for practitioners and academics alike.

The CYHR provides comprehensive coverage with summaries, analysis, and commentary on the practice and developments of the main Canadian human rights agencies, judicial decisions of Canadian and international courts and tribunals, and legislative enactments regarding human rights in Canada and internationally during a calendar period.

A comprehensive yearly publication, the yearbook is composed of 3 sections: the first two sections comprise peer reviewed articles (one general, non-thematic section, and one specific section with a number of articles pertaining to a particular, selected human rights issue). The third section is the network-based reportage on developments through the year(s) – a unique and essential reference for anyone active or interested in the field.

John Packer

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