Professor Packer Discusses International Crimes, Minority Rights and Peace in Burma/Myanmar

Professor John Packer in Thailand

At the invitation of Inter Pares, Neuberger-Jesin Professor of International Conflict Resolution, John Packer, traveled this week to Thailand where he met Dr Thitiwut Boonyawong-V-Wat, Director of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at Chiang Mai University, and also met researchers of the Ethnic Nationalities Affairs Center (ENAC) located in Chiang Mai.

Professor Packer discussed developments in Myanmar including the status and direction of the peace process and of democratization amidst ongoing civil wars and some worsening situations, notably the ongoing Rohingya genocide. In this regard, Prof Packer delivered a number of talks on International Crimes and Recourses focusing on the prospects for trials of individuals at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and, under the Genocide Convention, against the State of Myanmar at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Throughout his visit, opportunities for research cooperation, teaching and training were discussed.

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