Prof. Larry Chartrand starts new research program entitled “Metis Treaties in Canada: Past Present and Future” funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

HRREC member, Prof. Larry Chartrand, received a $423,904 grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for his project entitled “Metis Treaties in Canada: Past Present and Future”. The proposal brings together experts in the field of Aboriginal law (Metis Aboriginal law specifically), Colonial history (Metis historians in particular), and Aboriginal Studies (with a focus on Metis issues), including Prof. Darren O’Toole (also HRREC member) and former Dean Sébastien Grammond from the University of Ottawa, researchers from the Universities of Alberta and Manitoba and partners from First Voice Multimedia, Inc.

 The objectives of this five years research program are to enhance the recognition of Metis peoples and facilitate the reconciliation of Metis peoples’ interests with Canadian authorities through research, discussion and analysis that will promote a conceptually sound and principled understanding of Metis peoples and their relationship with Canadian authorities. Given the recent development of Metis Rights Jurisprudence there is a need to consider the relevance of Metis specific treaties with government authorities that would have status as treaties under Canadian or international law. Filling the existing information gap would help provide an informed position for future government and Metis relations, policies and legal reform.

 HRREC wishes Prof. Chartrand and his team much success and looks forward to sharing their findings with our community.

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