Jeremy Wildeman


Jeremy Wildeman
Research Associate, University of Bath

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Jeremy Wildeman


Current Research Interests

  • International Relations
  • Middle East Politics
  • Foreign Aid and the Oslo Peace Process
  • Aid Effectiveness and Postcolonialism
  • Canada and the Middle East

B.A. (Saskatchewan/Rostock), M.A. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Exeter)

Jeremy is a Research Associate with the University of Bath, Department for Social and Policy Sciences, where he carries out analysis on international relations, foreign aid, aid effectiveness, capacity building, and the role of donors in the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT). He has published and carried out numerous studies on these topics, including a recent ESRC-funded, GCRF ‘aid effectiveness’ project he was awarded to survey the policies and contextual perceptions of leading Western donors to the OPT.

His research interests further include the critical analysis of development policy and norms, the Middle East Peace Process, Canadian politics and foreign policy, critical discourse analysis, colonialism, conflict and peace-building. His past research includes analysis at the University of Exeter on Canadian development aid to the Palestinians, which included exploring a government crackdown on Canadian charities working with Palestinians. He has also carried out substantive aid and economy research consultancies for organisations like Oxfam GB, Aid Watch Palestine and UN-ESCWA aimed at influencing donor research methods and policy.

His research is further informed by nearly two decades of support for youth and community development in conflict and post-conflict regions, including about a decade in the field building one of Canada’s biggest ever aid contributions to the Palestinians (called Project Hope) and in recent years supporting the British charity Firefly International, overseeing its expansion to support work in the Balkans (Bosnia) and Middle East (with Palestinians and Syrian refugees). In his research, he often collaborates with stakeholder scholars to provide the most informed analysis possible, reflecting his past proclivity to work from the grassroots in the aid sector. He meanwhile has regional expertise on Middle East politics, European and North American politics, and past work on the emergence of East Asia as a region of political and economic power.

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