Zoé Boirin-Fargues


Zoé Boirin-Fargues
Ph.D. Student in Law, University of Ottawa & University of Paris Sorbonne

Courriel professionnel: zboir026@uottawa.ca

Zoé Boirin-Fargues


Research Interests

  • Indigenous peoples’ rights
  • Mining Law
  • Business and Human Rights
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Zoé is a law Ph.D. candidate in a joint program between the University of Ottawa and the University of Paris Sorbonne. Her thesis focuses on the perspectives of mining companies’ employees on their company’s obligations towards consultation of Indigenous peoples. Her research interests were developed during her two master degrees – in Human rights and in Energy law – and especially during her volunteer and internships’ experiences with various actors in different countries – Indigenous peoples, non-governmental organizations, corporation, energy department in law firm.

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