Nadia Abu-Zahra


Nadia Abu-Zahra
Associate Professor, School of International Development and Global Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences | Joint Chair in Women's Studies, University of Ottawa and Carleton University

Room: Social Sciences Building, FSS8020 (120 University)
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 6787
Work E-mail:

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Current Research Interests

  • Identity documentation
  • Barriers to migration studies
  • Geographies of health and health systems
  • Global education
  • Ethics in research and development

Nadia Abu-Zahra has broad interests in health, environmental issues, human rights, and education. Working with Oxfam-Quebec, and on other projects sponsored by UNICEF, the EU, and CIDA, she explored the possibilities of raising awareness of these issues. As a result of these projects, as well as academic work, she continues to think about the ethics of research and international development. Her writings are generally within these subject fields, with a recent focus on how states - and particularly their policies of identity documentation (passports, IDs, databases, etc.) - affect individuals and groups at personal levels.

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