Pacifique Manirakiza Appears Before African Court Defending the Ogiek People

HRREC member Pacifique Manirakiza is representing the African Union Commission on Human and People’s Rights and the Ogiek community which has taken the Kenyan government to the African Court on Human and People’s Rights. The Ogiek, an indigenous people, are seeking compensation for their continuing evictions from the Mau Forest, which is depriving them of their livelihood.

According to Professor Manirakiza “it is a test-case that symbolizes the beginning of a new form of engagement by the Commission with relevant regional bodies aimed at ensuring better protection of human and peoples’ rights on the continent.  For the Ogiek people, the Mau Forest is their supermarket where they get food, firewood and other life essentials. Mau Forest is their pharmacy or drugstore where they turn for their medication, health care and wellness. Mau Forest is their temple or church or mosque, where they go to worship their god.”

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