Omid Milani to Teach New Course on the Right to Life and Capital Punishment in a Global Context

A doctoral student in Law and HRREC Member, Omid Milani, has designed a new course for the Conflict Studies and Human Rights programme (Faculty of Social Sciences) entitled “The Right to Life and Capital Punishment in a Global Context” (ECH4330: Selected Research Topics in Conflict Studies). The course introduces fundamental and practical issues surrounding the right to life and the use of violence by the State, with a particular emphasis on capital punishment. Throughout the course, students will be introduced to concepts, theories, and problems regarding the death penalty. The sanction of death will be scrutinized at both national and international levels.

Moreover, the phenomena of life and death will be discussed from various legal, philosophical, sociological, and psychological angles. The course will primarily focus on the notion of the death penalty as a form of State-sponsored violence and it will touch upon topical issues such as abolition, cultural relativism, life and modernity. The Course is open to fourth year students in the Conflict Studies and Human Rights programme, and depending upon seat availability, to other students who have obtained 54 university credits.

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