OCTOBER 25-26, 2014 - Rendez-vous Ottawa conference: The humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons

Rendez-Vous Ottawa is an international conference that will introduce the global conversation on the humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons to a North American audience. The goal is to give participants the knowledge and the tools required to spread the message and join the campaign towards a comprehensive ban on nuclear weapons. The first day will include panels and talks regarding the issue of nuclear weapons, risks and consequences of potential detonations, and disarmament. The second day will include workshops on humanitarian disarmament advocacy and various campaigning processes.

25-26 OCT 2014
57 Louis-Pasteur, uOttawa

Lunch and coffee is included in the registration fee.
For all questions please consult the website Rendez-vous Canada
or contact erin@minesactioncanada.org ou (613)241-3777

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