New Online Course on Human Rights with Professor John Packer Offered in the Fall 2020

A new online course on Human Rights with Professor John Packer will be offered to uOttawa students in the Fall semester. The course will be in English and is entitled “DCC 4119 – Human Rights and Governance: The Human Rights Based Approach to Policy, Law and Development”.

Students will explore the key concepts and elements of the Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) – a method to operationalise comprehensively human rights norms and standards within public policy, law, and development. HRBA models from the United Nations, development assistance field, national and municipal policy-making will be comparatively studied and discussed. In doing so students will develop a deeper and richer understanding of the conceptual and normative framework of human rights as applied in a coherent and consequential manner towards their full and effective realisation. The course aims at upper-year students interested in advanced approaches to human rights in law, public administration, public policy-making, and international and municipal development.

DCC4119 - Online Course - Human Rights and Governance
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