Myanmar: The ICJ Unanimously Orders Measures to Prevent All Genocidal Acts against Rohingya Muslims

HRREC welcomes today's historic decision of the International Court of Justice on the provisional measures sought by The Gambia against Myanmar in regard to violations of the Genocide Convention. The unanimous decision of the Justices of the Court demonstrate the prima facie compelling character of the case and the imperative to offer some protection to the Rohingya against the ongoing persecution and risks. In effect, the Court recognises the suffering and risks endured by the Rohingya and confirms that the case will proceed to the merits. HRREC Director John Packer was privileged today to be with Rohingya refugees in the camps near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, where they welcomed the Court's decision and the prospect of some justice for them. Indeed, the Court today gave hope to the Rohingya languishing in precarious and otherwise hopeless immediate conditions. The world must now follow the Court and act more deliberately to to relieve the Rohingya and ensure their well-being.

John Packer in Bangladesh


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