MARCH 9, 2017 - Meet Trina BAJO, winner of the Embassy of Canada in Venezuela’s Human Rights Award

The Human Rights Research and Education Centre is pleased to welcome Human Rights Educator Trina BAJO, winner of the Embassy of Canada in Venezuela’s 8th Annual Human Rights Award, for a presentation and discussion on:

Human Rights Education in a Context of Violence

For 38 years, Trina Bajo has been an educator in some of the most violent and at-risk communities in crisis-hit Venezuela. Ms. Bajo is currently a community coordinator at Fe y Alegría’s María Inmaculada School in the Caracas neighbourhood of Petare. Defining herself as a popular educator, she is the embodiment of citizen commitment in the defense and promotion of human rights. Her work as an education rights activist exemplifies the theme of this year`s award, which emphasized the role that individual citizens can play in standing up for human rights in their immediate surroundings. Operating in schools in the heart of Caracas’ most violent neighbourhoods, she has negotiated with teenage gangs to keep violence, drugs and gang recruitment out of the schools and protect her pupils’ right to education.

Thursday, March 9, 2017
2:30 to 4 p.m.
Fauteux Hall - FTX570
(57 Louis-Pasteur, University of Ottawa)

All are welcome.
The presentation will be in English and Spanish.

The Human Rights Award is given each year by the Padre Luis María Olaso Center for Peace and Human Rights of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and the Embassy of Canada in Venezuela. The theme of the 8th edition was “We are all human rights defenders”.

*The Human Rights Research and Education Centre may take pictures at this event for use on the website.

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