MARCH 1-2, 2018 - Writing Workshop: Special Issue - Canadian Journal of Development Studies

Writing Workshop:
Special Issue - Canadian Journal of Development Studies
on ‘Law, Governance & Development – Critical & Heterodox Approaches.’

March 1st & 2nd, 2018
Human Rights Research and Education Centre
University of Ottawa

The myriad legal and discursive instruments that constitute the governance architecture of the international development order have shifted and evolved in significant ways in recent years, posing challenges to scholars, policy-makers and practitioners alike on how to effectively map, analyse and critique their nature and effects.

On March 1-2nd, at the Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC) at the University of Ottawa, several early career and senior scholars will come together to explore questions on the governance of international development from heterodox and critical perspectives. Articles (in French and English) for a forthcoming Special Issue of the bilingual Canadian Journal of Development Studies on ‘Law, Governance & Development – Critical & Heterodox Approaches’ will be workshopped. This Special Issue will critically examine the role of law in specific initiatives focused on ‘development’, and its implications for the evolving nature and governance of the relationship between states, markets, and people and communities, conducted through the rubric of development. Contributors to this Special Issue examine areas key to international development policy and development studies, including feminist approaches to the role of the international intellectual property rights regime in development; the problematic nature of current approaches to formalization of property rights and land titling; the implications of conditional cash transfers as a ‘gender sensitive’ system of social welfare; new forms of governance of the extractives industry; the responsiveness of international approaches to peacebuilding to women’s lives; the colonial imprint of the advent of a statist conception of internationalism in global governance through the emergence of ideas about modernity and the rise of the developmental state; how theories of socio-legal change contribute to ideas on regulatory reform projects within the World Bank, and the gendered governance of business practices of female micro-entrepreneurship in Francophone Africa at the intersection of commercial law, development and human/social innovation.

This workshop has involved the participation and collaboration of many people and institutions including co-editors Siobhán Airey and Prof Mark Toufayan, along with project co-ordinator Aboubacar Dakuyo. Participants from universities in Canada and the U.S. and who originate from Europe, Africa, South America and Canada will present and review works-in-progress. The authors include Mekonnen Ayano; Évelyne Jean-Bouchard, Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal, Isabelle Deschamps, Sara Ghebremusse, Melisa Handl, Ghazaleh Jerban, and Liam McHugh-Russell.  

Expert commentators on the papers include Prof Nadia Abu-Zahara, Prof Pierre Beaudet, Prof Doris Buss, Prof Angela Cameron, Prof Logan Cochrane, Prof Pascale Cornut St-Pierre, Prof Dimitri della Faille, Prof Stacy Douglas, Prof Hans-Martin Jaeger, Prof Ndiaga Loum, Prof Zoran Oklopcic, Prof Umut Özsu, Prof Julie Paquin, Prof Hélène Pellerin, Prof Penelope Simons, and Prof Susan Spronk.

Great practical and institutional support was provided by the Director of the HRREC, Prof John Packer, and Ass. Director Viviana Fernandez, while the Centre for Governance and Innovation at the University of Waterloo, through its Director, Dr. Oonagh Fitzgerald, provided financial support.

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