A look at the situation of vulnerable groups in Latin America presented by HRREC members during Congress 2015.

In the context of the 2015 Congress on Humanities and Social Sciences, four HRREC members will present a panel titled “Restoring the Balance of Human Capital of Vulnerable Groups in Latin America” within the Canadian Law and Society Association Annual Meeting. The panel will examine the performance of human rights in Latin America at the sub-national level in the areas of Indigenous Peoples, corporate violence against women and the protection of children's rights in surrogacy arrangement. The discussion will focus on how governance gaps impact these vulnerable groups in Latin America. This will engage into a broader discussion on ambiguities embedded in the implementation of human rights obligations by its guardians or conveyors. Presenters include: Salvador Herencia-Carrasco and Sharmila Mahamuni, Ph.D. students at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa; Graciela Jasa Silveira, 2014-2015 Gordon F. Henderson Fellow at HRREC; and Nelson Ovalle Diaz, Ph.D. in Law, University of Ottawa.

The panel will be presented on Friday, June 5th in Fauteux Hall, room 133 (57 rue Louis-Pasteur, Ottawa) from 13:30pm until 15:00pm. For sure a session not to miss!

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