John Packer in Ukraine

John Packer addresses Ukrainien Parliamentary Committee in Kyiv - July 2017

Professor John Packer visited Kyiv, Ukraine, on 9-12 July during which he addressed a Parliamentary Committee on legal implications of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Principal subjects of discussion included State responsibility for the conflict and its effects, notably positive obligations of Ukraine, derived from the Constitution of Ukraine and from International Law, for the well-being of affected persons both within the regions not now under the full or effective control of Ukrainian authorities and the large number of IDPs. Professor Packer drew attention to relevant principles and comparative State practice in regard to issues such as citizenship, personal status and identity, property, health, education, pensions and social benefits, security, and political representation (including elections). Discussions continued with Parliamentarians, representatives of Government and of the International Community, civil society and academia.

John Packer in Kyiv - July 2017

[Deputy Minister Tuka speaks while former Georgian Minister Zakareishvili and Mps listen.]

John Packer in Kyiv - July 2017

[Delegates listen to addresses in Committee at the Ukrainian Parliament.]

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