Human Rights Impact Assessment 2012

Illicit Indicators and the Contested Politics of Numbers, Columbia SIPA Symposium
Prof. Sally Merry, New York University

Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance Conference, NYU Institute for International Law and Justice
Prof. Sally Merry, New York University

The Need for Human Rights Accountability in Asymmetrical Free Trade Deals: The Case of the Canada-Colombia FTA
Guillermo Correa Montoya, Deputy Director, National Labour School, Colombia

Child Rights Impact Assessments: A tool for implementing children’s rights in Canada
Kathy Vandergrift, Chair, Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children

Anti-Poverty Legislations in Canada and the use of indicators
Vincent Greason, Holder of the Law Foundation of Ontario’s “Community Leadership in Justice” Fellowship, Guest Researcher HRREC

HRIA in Context: Introduction to Rights-Based Approaches to Development
Maria Green, Northeastern University School of Law

Community-based HRIA? What did we learn?
Gabrielle Watson et Irit Tamir, OXFAM America

Mainstreaming Human Rights into Impact Assessment
Gillian MacNaughton, Northeastern University School of Law

Commerce et Impacts sur les droits humains: le cas de l’Accord bilatéral de commerce entre le Canada et la Colombie
Olivier De Schutter, Spécialiste en droits de la personne et Rapporteur spécial des Nations Unies pour le droit à l’alimentation

Événement co organisé par le Conseil canadien de la coopération internationale et par le CREDP

Vidéo en français de CPAC

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