HRREC Member Nestor Nkurunziza Attended the Second Workshop of the Burundi Research Network

Nestor Nkurunziza

Nestor Nkurunziza, Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Law and HRREC member at the University of Ottawa, presented a paper on “Regional and international perspectives on Burundi’s transitional justice policy” during the “Second Workshop of the Burundi Research Network”. The conference was held at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) last March.

In the context of a deadlock in an official project on transitional justice, Nestor’s paper explores supra-national opportunities that might complement and/or offer alternatives to national mechanisms. More specifically, the presentation takes stock of ongoing developments towards a regionalization of international criminal justice in Africa to suggest the creation of an international criminal justice mechanism within the current institutional structures of the East-African Community (EAC). The presentation draws its main arguments from a forthcoming article in The Quebec Journal of International Law/Revue Québécoise de Droit International, under the title of “Les dimensions et les dynamiques régionales et internationales de la justice transitionnelle au Burundi: proposition de création d’un organe de droit pénal international au sein de la Communauté Est-Africaine (EAC)”/ “Regional Dynamics and International Dimensions of Burundi’s Transitional Justice: the Case for Establishing an International Criminal Justice Mechanism within the East-African Community (EAC)”.

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