HRREC Member Jordi Feo Publishes an Article in Revista socio-jurídicos

HRREC member Jordi Feo published a second article in "Revista socio-jurídicos" (21.2) University of Rosario (Colombia) in the framework of the project “Ressource Extraction in Colombia with Special Attention to Indigenous and Gender Perspectives” funded by the HRREC.

The article, entitled "Special Indigenous Jurisdiction, Colombian Law and International Regulations: Need for a Balance in the Framework of Extractive Industry and Gender Impact" shows the result of the legal analysis on the relationship between special indigenous jurisdiction, Colombian law and international regulations in the framework of extractive industry and gender impact. In this context, the researchers investigated gender equality and mining extraction from the perspective of the special indigenous jurisdiction, its limitations from the point of view of national and international jurisprudence and the possibility that it could assume the extractive activities carried out in indigenous territories. The article highlights the main problems identified in this area, as well as the position adopted so far by the constitutional court of the Republic of Colombia and different international bodies.

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