HRREC Director Led a Delegation of Canadian Scholars on a Visit to Taiwan

HRREC Director with delegation of canadian scholars in Taiwan

From 10-17 December, Professor John Packer, HRREC Director, led a delegation of Canadian scholars on a week-long visit to Taiwan at the invitation of the Government of Taiwan. The delegation included academics from Alberta, Brock, Carleton, Ottawa, and York Universities as well as an independent scholar. The visit took place in and around the city of Taipei. The programme included meetings with representatives of leading academic and research Institutes, governmental bodies and agencies, political parties, civil society organizations, public interest foundations, the national Indigenous television and radio broadcaster, and cultural centres and museums. The accompanying photograph depicts the delegation with their Taiwanese hostess in front of the National Palace Museum said to be one of the top-ten museums of the world. Subjects of discussion during the visit included technological innovations, environmental challenges, recent and prospective social changes, political developments, and issues of international relations. Views and perspectives were exchanged concerning a range of research initiatives and areas of shared interest. Possible research cooperation was explored. Professor Packer’s official visit to Taiwan coincided with HRREC Member Professor Scott Simon’s visit to Taiwan as part of his long-standing specialized research engagement focusing on the situation of Indigenous Peoples.

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