Handbook on National Dialogues

John Packer in Germany on February 27, 2017 | John Packer en Allemagne le 27 février 2017

Last February 27, HRREC Director John Packer contributed to the launch in Berlin of a new “Handbook on National Dialogues” published jointly by the Berghof Foundation and Swisspeace with the support of the German and Swiss Governments: http://www.berghof-foundation.org/en/publications/publication/national-dialogue-handbook-a-guide-for-practitioners/. The Handbook is the product of a two-year development process on which Professor Packer advised. It analyzes the mechanism of “national dialogue” as an instrument for State transformation in various stages of conflict, drawing on a range of experiences from around the world. From definitions, preparation, process to implementation, the Handbook treats the elements and challenges of national dialogues in their various forms and contexts, and includes a compilation of “country fact sheets” from selected situations.

Prof. Packer was invited to address the launch seminar, held at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and to share reflections from his professional experience in designing and assisting in the conduct of national dialogues in several countries. For more on the project, see: http://www.berghof-foundation.org/programmes/dialogue-mediation-peace-support-structures/national-dialogue-handbook/.

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