FEBRUARY 6, 2020 - The ‘Deal of the Century’ and the Future of the Middle East

The Human Rights Research and Education Centre and the Group of 78 present:

The ‘Deal of the Century’ and the Future of the Middle East
Analyzing the Trump Administration’s Plan for Palestine and Israel


Thursday, February 6, 2020
4 to 6 p.m.
Human Rights Research and Education Centre
(57 Louis-Pasteur Private, uOttawa)

Open to all. | Event in English.

The Trump Administration has unveiled the latest in a long-line of Middle East plans aimed at defining the Israeli and Palestinian political relationship, which is rhetorically positioned within the language of peace-building and prosperity. Entitled ‘Peace to Prosperity’, it represents a vision technically designed by US and Israeli political leaders, and presented as a de facto reality the Palestinians are compelled to live with. It also represents conceptually an end to the Oslo Peace Process that has been predicated since 1993 on a two-state solution based on a negotiated settlement between the two parties, Israel and the Palestinians. The US had been the arbiter of that process, with donors like Canada and the European Union providing a bulk of the funding used to sustain the process financially through support for the Palestinian Authority and United Nations agencies that keep the occupied Palestinian economy afloat.

Our panel of leading analysts of the Israeli and Palestinian relationship, the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), of the donor states supporting the MEPP, and of Palestinian politics and society, will offer insight into the Trump Plan (‘Deal’), what it means for the Palestinians, and what it means for the broader Middle East. All have decades of experience working on, researching and analyzing the topic.

  • Ardi IMSEIS | Assistant Professor of Law, Queen’s University | Professor Imseis will assess the Plan through an international law perspective.
  • Nadia ABU-ZAHRA | Associate Professor & Joint Chair in Women’s Studies (uOttawa & CarletonU) | Professor Abu-Zahra will look at what the plan means for the daily lives of ordinary Palestinians.
  • Philip LEECH, Ph.D. | Member, Human Rights Research and Education Centre, uOttawa | Philip will talk about the Western imposition of this plan on the Palestinian semi-autonomous governing structures set-up during the Oslo Process.
  • Ruby DAGHER | Long-Term Appointed Instructor of International Development and Global Studies, will analyze the development funding that lies at the centre of the new plan, as compared to the former process.
  • Jeremy WILDEMAN, Ph.D. | Member, Human Rights Research and Education Centre, uOttawa | Jeremy will assess the role and likely actions of the middle powers like Canada and in Europe who will be asked again to fund and contribute to the new plan.

February 6 - The Deal of the Century
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