Expert Roundtable Calls for Canada to Act on Justice for the Rohingya at the ICJ

At the footbridge in No Man's Land - Rohingya Refugee Camp

At the footbridge in No Man's Land - Rohingya Refugee Camp. Photo: John Packer

The Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa is pleased to publish the report of an international virtual roundtable of experts on “Justice for the Rohingya: The Role of Canada” co-hosted on 21 May 2020 with Senator McPhedran and UVic Faculty of Law. As the global movement against systemic racism holds the attention of the world, the ongoing genocide against the Rohingya is a case of the most extreme form of racism which aims at the destruction of the group in whole or in part. Canada is the only State in the world whose Parliament has declared, unanimously, that Myanmar committed genocide against the Rohingya. This roundtable discusses what Canada should now do about it in terms of seeking justice for the still suffering victims.

Read the report (PDF).

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