Human Rights Clinic

Since September 2014, the Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC) runs a Human Rights Clinic and invites graduate and undergraduate students to develop their knowledge and acquire new skills in relation to projects in Canada and abroad.

The Human Rights Clinic is a project-based initiative that, under the academic guidance of faculty members from the University of Ottawa, aims:

  • To strengthen the protection of human rights, by promoting advocacy, research, training and technical assistance emphasizing their effective implementation.
  • To foster capacity-building and to provide recommendations to ensure that policy and law have a human rights-based approach.
  • To promote research regarding the implementation of human rights standards in Canada and abroad.

Current Projects

Volunteer opportunities are open to undergraduate and graduate students who will work in an interdisciplinary approach on projects directed by the HRREC.

Past Projects

Skills Development Workshops

The Centre organizes skills development workshops for the students participating in the Human Rights Clinic. Topics can include mapping exercises, writing techniques and fact-finding methodologies, among others. 

For further information, please contact us at:

To apply to the Clinic, please complete the Student Application Form and submit to

To propose a project for the Clinic, please fill out the Project Form and send to

Testimonial - Stephany Caro Mejia

Stephany Caro Mejia

Stephany has been a member of the human rights clinic for over a year and will begin her MA in International Relations at New York University in September: “Participating in the human rights clinic highly enriched my undergraduate experience by offering me the opportunity to gain valuable research experience, collaborate in a supportive group setting, and strengthen my knowledge on my topics of interest such as indigenous peoples, extractive industries, and Latin America. As an undergraduate student, I was able to participate in the research and drafting of the Amicus to the Supreme Court of Mexico - an opportunity that I would not have had otherwise. The human rights clinic quickly became my favorite extracurricular activity and a standout component in my Masters applications. “

Testimonial - Mary Kapron

Mary Kapron

Being a member of the Extraterritoriality in Latin American Project at the Human Rights Clinic has been an amazing experience. Working as part of a team with other students, faculty members and non-governmental organizations, I have had the opportunity to conduct research and write reports and amicus curiae submissions on a number of current and pressing human rights issues. Not only has this permitted me to gain practical skills in international human rights practise, the projects that I have worked on have had an actual impact on the promotion and protection of human rights as they have been presented to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the Supreme Court of Mexico. The Human Rights Clinic has inspired me to pursue a career in international human rights law and I will be beginning my LLM at the University of Essex in the fall of 2016.

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