Congratulations to Our Member Aboubacar Dakuyo Who Successfully Defended His Doctoral Thesis!

Aboucabar Dakuyo

Congratulations to long-time HRREC member Aboubacar Dakuyo, who successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “À la recherche d’un modèle de justice transitionnelle pour le Soudan du Sud (In Search of an Effective Transitional Justice Model for South Sudan)” last January 22. He was studying under the supervision of Professor Pacifique Manirakiza, HRREC academic member.

Aboubacar's research focuses on transitional justice processes in Africa. In the aftermath of the violent conflicts that have taken place in South Sudan since December 15, 2013, he is asking how to build sustainable peace in the country while bringing justice to the thousands of victims of the conflicts. His thesis adopts the theory of a "transformative approach to transitional justice" to examine the extent to which the country could make a successful transition to sustainable peace.


Bravo Aboubacar!

— Published in February 2021.

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