Congratulations to Omid Milani, 2015 Winner of the Annual Seminar Proposal Competition!

Omid B. Milani, a PhD candidate in Law and a member at the HRREC, won the Annual Seminar Proposal Competition 2015. This will allow Omid to teach a course, which is open to the Faculty of Law students, (both Common Law and Droit Civil sections), as well as graduate students in other faculties and disciplines.

The course, called “Human Rights, the State, and the Use of Violence”, will be offered during fall 2015 in English. In this course, Omid will introduce students to the rationales, applications, characterizations, and impacts of violence, as a State policy from a human rights’ perspective. Students will review analyses of concepts, theories, and case studies regarding violence at the national and international levels. The course will touch upon topical human rights issues such as the right to life (including capital punishment, euthanasia, prostitution, etc.), extremism and terrorism, media and violence, policing, as well as peace and non-violence.

To register for the course, you can use the codes DCL 6339, DRC 4331 or CML 4109. Additional information can be found in the course's poster.

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