Congratulations to HRREC Member Ramon Blanco-Barrera for His Ph.D.!

Ramon Blanco-Barrera

Congratulations to our member Ramon Blanco-Barrera who officially received his Ph.D. with the highest academic distinction! Ramon was studying at the University of Seville’s Department of Drawing and the title of his thesis is “FACTORS AND ELEMENTS OF SOCIAL CHANGE IN DIGITAL ART PRACTICE. Keys to Artistic Integration with the Current Daily Environment (FACTORES Y ELEMENTOS DE CAMBIO SOCIAL EN LAS PRÁCTICAS ARTÍSTICAS DIGITALES. Claves de integración artística con el entorno cotidiano actual)”.

Ramon is a Visual Artist and produces art under the name ‘233’. He sends social and political messages in order to make people reflect about their communities, both local and universal, constantly bringing up human rights concepts and values. He uses the number ‘233’ in reference to the ‘identity game’ of our overpopulated world system.

Back in 2015, Ramon spent time at the Centre as Artist-in-Residence where he worked on THE UNIVERSAL GAME – One Flag to Connect Us All, a project to mark the International Human Rights Day (December 10) through art. Find the description, the series of events as well as the picture of the banner that was created on the Arts + Human Rights webpage.

Ramon is currently working at the University of Seville’s Faculty of Fine Arts and, in a near future, hopes to obtain a postdoctoral fellowship to do research and produce new artworks.

Congratulations again!

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