Conference | HRREC Senior Fellow Oonagh Fitzgerald’s Panel for the 50th CCIL Annual Conference

Oonagh Fitzgerald

HRREC Senior Fellow Oonagh Fitzgerald has organized an International Law Association Canada sponsored panel on The materiality of global peace and security – renovating institutions of global governance to take place on October 21, during the 2021 Canadian Council of International Law Annual Conference.

Dr Fitzgerald will moderate a discussion on the many challenges of the Anthropocene with speakers Erika Simpson on nuclear threat & disarmament; Gina Heathcote, on global justice and gender; Payam Akhavan on human rights and genocide; Sabaa Khan on climate change; and Brenda Gunn on decolonization & Indigenous peoples’ rights. The panel will consider how to reconceive institutions of global governance to establish international laws of peace, justice, health and environmental security that address the world’s material needs.  This legal discussion ties into Dr. Fitzgerald’s Concordia University INDI Ph.D. in Fine Arts interdisciplinary research on using art and performance to innovate a new planetary Charter better suited to our times.

— Published in October 2021.

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