A Chapter in Palestine and Rule of Power

Book - Palestine and Rule of Power

Jeremy Wildeman, Ph.D, HRREC Community Member, has contributed to a chapter to an important new book -- Palestine and Rule of Power: Local Dissent vs. International Governance -- exploring how the rule of power relates to the case of occupied Palestine, examining features of local dissent and international governance. The project considers expressions of the rule of power in two particular ways: settler colonialism and neoliberalism. As power is always accompanied by resistance, the authors engage with and explores forms of everyday resistance to the logics and regimes of neoliberal governance and settler colonialism. They investigate wide-ranging issues and dynamics related to international governance, liberal peacebuilding, statebuilding, and development, the claim to politics, and the notion and practice of resistance. This work will be of interest for academics focusing on modern Middle Eastern politics, international relations, as well as for courses on contemporary conflicts, peacebuilding, and development.

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