Article by Jordi Feo Valero Published in Revista de Relationes Internacionales de la UNAM

Jordi Valero Feo


HRREC member Jordi Feo Valero published the article entitled "The initiatives undertaken by the United Nations in response to the situations that have lead to consider Haiti as a threat to international peace and security" in the Revista de Relaciones Internationales de la UNAM.

On the basis of the different situations that have occurred in Haiti over the last 25 years, this article covers from the point of view of international law the evolution of the circumstances that have enabled the Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. Throughout this text, the author proposes an analysis of the different scenarios that have led the United Nations Security Council to determine that the situation in the country posed a threat to international peace and security. The article takes into account the measures implemented by the United Nations system for the specific case on the basis of international law. Finally, the conclusions highlight how the intervention of the international community in the country has succeeded in establishing and consolidating a solid foundation capable of reversing the situations by which the United Nations Security Council decided to authorize the use of coercive measures for the specific case of Haiti.

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