The overall management of the Centre is conducted by a Management Committee constituted according to the terms of the Constitution. The day-to-day administration of the Centre shall be conducted by the Director and the Assistant Director with the support of the Management Committee.

The composition of the Management Committee includes members ex officio: the Director; the Assistant Director; one member from each of the sponsoring faculties (Law and Social Sciences); in cases where the Gordon F. Henderson Chair does not happen to be the Director, the holder of the Gordon F. Henderson Human Rights Chair; and a representative of the Centre’s students.

The Management Committee assist the Directors in overseeing the Centre’s management, in implementing a strategic plan, in preparing annual reports, in fundraising and in managing Centre finances; assist the Assistant Director in developing policies and protocols regarding day-to-day activities, expenditure policies, fundraising and use of physical space; assist the Directors in selecting members and in developing policies about membership, public programming, and community outreach.

The Director, with assistance from the Assistant Director, prepares a five-year Strategic Plan for the Centre in relation to its research, teaching, outreach and related activities. The Centre also produces an Annual Report setting out the most important initiatives and achievements in the year just ended.


Members of the Management Committee:

  • Nadia Abu-Zahra (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Karen Eltis (Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section)
  • Melisa Handl (Ph.D. Candidate in Law)
  • Penelope Simons (Faculty of Law - Common Law Section)
  • Meredith Terretta (Gordon F. Henderson Chair in Human Rights)
  • John Packer (HRREC Director, Faculty of Law)
  • Viviana Fernandez (Assistant Director, HRREC)
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